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Using a holistic approach to massage therapy, our tranquil spa is dedicated to improving your mind, body, and spirit.

Breathe Holistic Health & Wellness Spa is a place where healing happens, where your health and wellness is placed above all else.

Our tranquil, welcoming spa offers a holistic approach to massage therapy, using a variety of healing techniques to better your mind, body, and spirit.

 Our massage therapists are committed to their craft and providing a comfortable atmosphere. Improving your wellness is a journey, and we’ll be here every step of the way.


Our mission is to invite you into a safe place so that together we may help you to BREATHE.

  • Be able to let go & relax
  • Release toxins with the variety of Services & Products we provide
  • Examine the pain that is causing you discomfort and dis-ease
  • Ask for the help that is needed
  • Take needed time for yourself
  • Heal old wounds & new injuries
  • Experience life being & feeling Well


About Us

About the owner

Meet Kurundi Daniels - Owner

Meet Kurundi


It all began when a depleted young woman, age 39, was searching to find her true Self after she retired from serving 21 years in the military. Her journey led her back to school. Through her education she became a certified CNA and continued her education to become a Registered Nurse (RN) but quickly realized that profession was not her journey. She needed something that fed her soul and was closer to her heart. Holistic Wellness was more like her normal heart beat. She quickly switches her health profession to more of an overall wellness approach. After graduation from Massage therapy School in 2013, Kurundi immediately opened up Kurundi’s Massage Suite & Spa where she served her community for over three years.

As her reputation started to spread, she started to build up her team of holistic practitioners to help her bring awareness to the community. Nearing her 5th year in business, Kurundi renamed her business BREATHE Holistic Health & Wellness Spa. It is here where she and her team teach their clients how to BREATHE…on a mental/emotional & spiritual level. 

 Kurundi travelled to different continents learning the healing properties of different plant medicinal medicines and embracing different holistic modalities such as Shamanism and BioDynamic Breathwork &Trauma Release Systems while expanding her personal growth and education to help  contribute to the healing of her community.

After Covid, Breathe lost quite a few therapist and had to pivot and make changes to continue the vision of the ultimate integration of healing to the whole person by gradually incorporating all the techniques that was learned while she was abroad 2019-2021 and making her facility an intimate exclusive place to heal.

Currently, Kurundi continues to hold space and provide services in her facility for the clients that walking on their individual paths of their spiritual journey.

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Kurundi Daniels - Owner

Owner's Off-site Services

Distant Reiki Sessions

Tarot Readings

For Private Scheduling

Please email Owner directly for scheduling and more information



Kangen Water (Alkaline Water)

Kangen water(Hydrogen water) comes from our ionizing machine which filters your tap water to one of five different pH ranges (from acidic to very alkaline) is more beneficial for drinking, cleaning, food preparation, or beauty care among others.

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What They Say

  •   I've been to this establishment many times and will certainly continue. I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome I also have a failed spinal fusion that causes me a great deal of pain. What doctors won't tell you is that massage therapy is much needed with these types of injuries or disorders. I regularly see Leslie and she is amazing. I get a deep tissue massage and she has strong hands for such a little lady! She takes her time and is very knowledgeable about anatomy and describes exactly what she's doing if you ask. I also get cupping which while painful actually helps in the long run. This place is very peaceful and tranquil and they are very serious in taking precautions due to the corona virus. They only book online at this point and my only suggestion would be if you could order the services as you need them along with packages that may save money. I like have the ability to add services as needed individually. I love this place and I highly suggest anyone suffering from chronic pain to pay them a visit!

    thumb Mandy M.

      Breathe was amazing! My husband and I went in for a couples massage about a week ago and it was the perfect experience. I've had multiple massage but this was my husbands first time. We had an hour Swedish massage. The moment you walk in the energy of the room immediately makes you feel relaxed. The staff was friendly and welcoming, especially to my husband who was nervous. The massage was great and they worked all my problem areas well. I look forward to going back. If you've never had a massage and are looking to try it, this is the place to go!

    thumb Emily N.
  •   Amazing!
    My boyfriend and I went in for a couples massage to celebrate his birthday. The staff was very kind, welcoming, and accommodating to our needs. My boyfriend has really bad neck pain, but when we left, his neck felt amazing! Totally a bang for your buck. Will be going again!

    thumb Olivia S.

      I am new to town and needed someone ASAP when my back pain began to act up. I was able to be seen the same day and Sabrina did an amazing job to help me become functional again. I love the essential oils she used & her different techniques, she targeted all the right spots. Will definitely be coming back regularly

    thumb Cayla M.
  •   Absolutely amazing experience!! The facility is so peaceful and serene from the moment I stepped in the door.  
    My Massage Therapist Sabrina C. was outstanding!
    Please go and support this amazing veterans owned business that's serving up outstanding service!

    thumb Angela A.

      Started having some neck and back pains due to bad sleeping habits, figured this was as good time as ever to find a good new massage therapist since I'm new to the area. Booked an appointment with Sabrina,  and she was by far the best therapist I've had. Very professional and informative, they are taking great care of the establishment to keep everything clean and to standard during these times. Walked out feeling great and relaxed booked my next appointment already. Well deserved 5 stars thank you Sabrina you did great!

    thumb Jay F.
  •   I've had two experiences here with getting a massage. One time with Lasandra and the other was with Sabrina. Both transported me to a world without pain and stress while I got an amazing aromatherapy massage. The building looks like nothing special on the outside, but let me tell you, the inside is dreamy and serene and everyone who works there has a great vibe. Support this local business.

    thumb Rachel F.

      Listen... I have been scared to get a massage since 2017 due to a bad experience elsewhere. I booked an appointment last night (day prior) because I really needed to relax. I knew I needed extra care so I booked trigger point therapy. Leslie is amazing! She was very knowledgeable about everything she explained, she made sure to ask you if she was hurting you or not. She made it easy to relax and laugh. I definitely will be back this month. As soon as you walk in the building it makes you feel relaxed!

    thumb Jaleesa R.
  •   This place is a hidden gem! I had the best experience with Sabrina today! First time costumer for this place, and let me tell you! Great first impression overall! I had neck pain and tight shoulders from sleeping improperly/bad posture, and after leaving this place after a 45 min session I felt relaxed. Thank you so much! Definitely will be back and letting my family and friends know about y'all.

    thumb Angeline M.

      Called to schedule a couples massage because their website says MUST be scheduled over the phone and the person on the phone said I'd have to schedule it online cause they don't have a schedule for the week to see what openings are available.

    thumb Tatiana P.


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